Avalon: Crown (Avalon, #2)

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Crown (sequel to Avalon: Princess) is coming in 2019!

Turmoil rolls through the Kingdom of Avalon as the citizens come to realize that the future queen they loved will be replaced by a prince they despise.  Jade is confined to the castle where she is drilled on lessons she doesn’t care about and expected to act like a little princess when all she longs to do is to play with the boys and learn the skills that are now being taught to her brother.  And in the midst of it all, someone is planning to overthrow the crown.

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Chapter Sample:


The ride was silent for a long time.  Jade rode with the King while the other knights and Hugh trailed behind on their own horses. No one said a word until they saw the castle approaching.

Jade finally found her voice.  “Why?” The question was quiet, quiet enough for only the King to hear it.

The King cleared his throat.  “What is it, Amalthea?”

“Why?” she repeated, more loudly this time.  The entire company turned to look at her.

“I’m afraid, I don’t understand, Princess,” the King replied.  He gave the knights a scornful look, and they all turned back to face the castle.

With his use of her title, a grand rush of anger swept through her veins.  It was a fury Jade had never known and it made her head spin. “Why did you tell me she was dead?!” she shouted.

The King did not answer for a minute.  The quiet was different now, undercut by tension and unspoken fear.  No one spoke to the King like this, especially not his own daughter, but the rage didn’t dissipate.  If anything, it only grew stronger the longer Jade waited for an answer.

“Say something!” Jade shouted again.

When the King finally spoke, his voice simmered with unspoken rage. “This is neither the time nor the place for this, Amalthea.”

The anger flared hotter, making her heart hammer.  They were less than a hundred yards from the castle now.  Jade flung her left leg over the horse’s neck and slid to the ground quickly and easily.  She stumbled for a second but managed to avoid the horse’s feet. The King stopped the horse and jumped off himself, grabbing her roughly by the arm.  “What do you think you are doing?!” he shouted. “You could have been killed!”

Jade shook her arm violently, trying to dislodge his hand.  “Let me go!” she screamed.

“You will not speak to me like this!” the King said, shaking her roughly again, making her head jerk back and forth.  “You will hold your tongue.”

“Tell me!” Jade cried through the daze.  The anger left her as suddenly as it had come.  She felt the energy leave her body, and the exhaustion from the sleepless night on top of running from a werewolf pushed her to her knees, held up only by the King’s grasp.  The King didn’t respond so she begged again. “Tell me, please.”

The rest of the guard, including Sir Galeron with Hugh, had drawn around them in a loose circle, and they all watched the King, waiting to hear his response.

He had loosened his grip on her arm, but when he spoke, his voice was just as tense as before.  “I am the One Rightful King of Avalon. I decide what is best for this kingdom and everyone in it.  It was my choice, and I will not have you or anyone else questioning my command. You will not speak of this night ever again.  That is an order.”

Jade’s blood flashed white hot once more.  She jerked her arm from his grasp and ran through the legs of the horses.  The knights were frozen for only a few seconds, but it was long enough for Jade to reach the castle doors.  With the fury once again feeding her strength, she flung open one door, rushed inside, and ran straight to her room.  She did not come out again for a long time.

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