You: A Novel by Caroline Kepnes

2-5 Stars.jpg

Title: You: A Novel

Author: Caroline Kepnes

Original Publication Date: 2014

Review Date: 10/12/2017


Who I would recommend this book to:

Anyone who likes thriller mystery books like Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train

Who I would not recommend this book to:

My mother who already worries about her adult daughter living on her own



Wow. Ok, so let's start with what this book is about. It's pretty clear from the beginning of the book that there is something off about the narrator, Joe Goldberg. Then he goes from kind of creepy to out right stalker when he falls for a pretty girl who happens to walk into his book shop one day. All the time that he is following, befriending, dating, and stalking this girl, he is very clear that he is doing it all for her benefit. He is helping her.

I have always loved a good book with an unreliable narrator. I think there is something extra fun about reading a story where you have to figure out what's going on for yourself instead of just being along for the protagonist's point of view. This book definitely makes you think. It actually made me really uncomfortable at times to realize that I felt bad for this morally reprehensible character who is violating poor Beck (with whom I have a lot more in common). Kepnes does an amazing job of getting the reader into Joe's head and showing how he really believes that he is only doing what's right and it's everyone else who is crazy.

I recommended You to people who liked Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train because even though it is not a mystery (you definitely know who is doing these things from the beginning) it has the same kind of creepy feeling that had me looking over my shoulder for fear someone was watching me. It also was one of those books that you can't put down because you have to find out what happens next. I finished the audiobook in two days before my paperback copy could even arrive at the library.

This book has made me paranoid; I will be sticking to the well populated areas for my runs for the near future, but I absolutely loved it and highly recommend it to everyone besides my own mother (who probably already worries too much about her three adult daughters). If you are looking for a creepy read for October that is different from the Halloween classics, You is an excellent choice.