The Avalon Series

When Jade fell through the portal into an older world, she had no idea the changes that were in store for her life.  Follow Jade as she struggles through every challenge that comes her way.

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Avalon: Princess

When a young orphan goes through a fairy circle on Halloween, she falls into the magical world of her bedtime stories to discover her father, the king. Too late she finds that she cannot return to her home world. Stuck in Avalon, Jade begins the training that will prepare her for her future role as Queen, but she much prefers adventuring to sitting in a classroom. When her adventures take her to the forbidden land, Lyonés, she discovers something she was never meant to find.

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Avalon: Crown

Coming January 2019

Turmoil rolls through the Kingdom of Avalon as the citizens come to realize that the future queen they loved will be replaced by a prince they despise.  Jade is confined to the castle where she is drilled on lessons she doesn’t care about and expected to act like a little princess when all she longs to do is to play with the boys and learn the skills that are now being taught to her brother.  And in the midst of it all, someone is planning to overthrow the crown.

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